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Onyx (Lux Novel)

Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout Jennifer has a gift of creating one action-packed and brilliant story after another. And Onyx in no way falls short of that. It's compelling, heart-breaking, sexy, and full of laughs. Jennifer literally hooks you, lines you along, and sinks you with the end of this one.Onyx starts off where Obsidian left us, Daemon and Katy now have a connection between them due to Daemon being a Luxen. And, Daemon is determined to have Katy as more than a friend, but Katy isn't having it. She believes their "connection" is the only thing between them. Then Blake shows up, a new guy in town, who seems to know exactly what Katy is going through. As Blake shows up, so does the Department of Defense. As Katy starts to fall into trusting Blake, Daemon hating Blake, Katy and Daemon heating up, and the DoD being everywhere... things can only go from chaotic to down right unbelievable.This series is hard not to fall in love with. After the first book, I was already in heart-deep and after Onyx I'm now in it more emotionally than before. The Lux Series is hot. It's so beautifully original, easy to relate to, full of laughs, sexiness, and even heart-breaking moments. There were parts of this book that I was so happy with and other parts where I'd have to go back and re-read to make sure I was reading the lines correctly. It's definitely a mix-up of emotions in Onyx.The other thing Jennifer has a gift with, is her characters. She always seems to create books where I find myself falling in love with every character, whether they're hot, weird, bad, funny, or down right crazy. And, where Jennifer came up with all these B names for Blake... I will never know. But, I was laughing my ass off every time Daemon came up with a new one. I'm probably in the minority in this one, but I actually liked Blake. I understood him and yet hated him all at the same time. In the end though, I couldn't find myself blaming him and that's probably why I enjoyed his character so much... even though he broke my heart.Then there's Daemon, Katy, and Co. who are always finding their ways into my heart. Having me root for them in which ever direction they're heading. Every time Daemon and Katy get within inches with each other my head is screaming "fry a laptop, fry a laptop!". Their relationship definitely heats up in this installment, and I still cannot wait to see where it goes. With Katy, she also really takes charge in Onyx. She makes her own decisions and tries to hold her own weight as much as she can and I was proud of her for that. I also loved seeing Daemon's warm side. You see a lot of it in Onyx and I can only imagine we'll see more of it in the future. That being said, I do like his cold side too, and I hope he doesn't completely lose it.Of course I'm dying for Opal after an ending like that. An ending I was hoping for, but was so happily surprised by it. But, after an ending like that and by that I mean jaw-dropping-it-can't-be-so-can-it?-ending, AND knowing that Jennifer has added two more books to the series... I'm quite nervous to see what kind of excitement Katy, Daemon, and Co. will get into next. If you love Jennifer as I do, this book is a MUST buy. You will not be disappointed in the least.PS. Always my favorite ones.... always my favorites, Jennifer!