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Penitence: 2 (Heavenly)

Penitence - Jennifer Laurens This book blew me away... I loved it even more than the first! Penitence was a fast-paced journey that I could not keep my eyes from. I started this book late last night and I finished it a little while ago. What a story. I just loved it.We pick up right where we left off in book one. (I'm going to try to be spoiler-free here for the people who haven't read heavenly) Matthias is gone and Zoe hasn't seen him in weeks. Just as she thinks things are playing out how they should, she starts seeing evil spirits more and more now. Luke, even though Zoe thought he was sober, is slipping back into his old habits and Abria is still the same hyper-energy, stress causing sister. As the dark forces start to target Zoe and Matthias isn't her guardian angel anymore, Zoe starts to take comfort in a new friend. Will Matthias be able to help her defeat evil?I can't even put into words how much I liked this book. You know how you fly through an amazing book and then you're depressed it's over? That's how I feel. I'm so sad it's over... I want "Absolution" now! It doesn't come out until October though :(. Only a month and a half to go! Hah!So the characters in this book? WHOOP. Every character in this book plays an important role. There is no one I hated or was like 'what are they doing?'. Britt was fierce. Krissy was misled. Chase was Chase. Weston was OMG HOT and ADORABLE, I loved him. Matthias was amazing as always! Albert was intense and evil. Brady was just plain evil. Luke was caring but misguided. And Zoe, she was strong and caring and I believe she did everything right in this book. I was so content with everyone.So boys.... well I LOVE both of them. Going into the book I was MATTHIAS all the way. And honestly during "Heavenly" I thought Chase was the only competition, but boy was I wrong. WESTON. Oh my Weston. About half through the book I was completely Weston. I was just like 'Huh, Matthias who?'. But, as the book played on I loved Matthias again. So honestly I love them both, and would be happy for Zoe if she ended up with either. I don't know how Absolution is going to play out, but I'm leaning a little more to the Weston side.Well Penitence was amazing! If you've read Heavenly, you better go get Penitence because it was ten times as amazing. And, if you haven't even read Heavenly.. well go read my review then go out and buy it, order it, whatever! I'm sure you'll like it just as much as I did. 5 stars!!!! :)FYI - Yes, there are drinking and drugs references. And some steamy make-out scenes (nothing over the top).