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Wake (Watersong, #1)

Wake (Watersong, #1) - Amanda Hocking Amanda Hocking always finds a way to lure me into her completely unique stories. She has such a creative mind, and Wake is no different. She takes a creature we all know and makes them dangerous, more so than normal and I loved every bit of it.Wake revolves around two sisters: Gemma and Harper. Gemma lives for swimming and being in the water. She's beautiful and carefree. Harper on the other hand has resumed the role of "mom" and constantly is working hard and looking out for her family. One night Gemma hangs out with Penn, Lexi, and Thea... three beautiful strangers that most people tend to steer clear of. The next morning Gemma wakes up changed and she knows something happened to her. It doesn't matter that she has a loving family or a new boyfriend, she's changed and unfortunately her only options just may break her and her sister's heart.With most duel perspectives, you get a girls voice and a guys voice, but not with Wake. Instead, Amanda gave the view points of two sisters and I really liked how it was done. We were able to get inside both of their heads and see how different their lives actually are. I loved how Harper was so protective over Gemma. Harper is one of those characters where you look at her and you go "she carries the weight of the world", yet you love her for it. Another thing I loved was that Amanda gave each sister a love interest, yet both boys and both relations are so different.Alex, is the boy next door. The geek who turned completely sexy and sweet. I loved Alex and how he cared for Gemma. Then on the other side was Daniel and Harper. Their relationship starts off completely different than Alex and Gemma's. It's slow, and clumsy, and yet somehow perfect. Daniel is such a good match for Harper and he was always there for her when she needed him and I'm so excited to see where their relationship goes.Once you start getting into the story of Wake, it really picks up. You start to fall in love with all the characters. You wonder what dangers could possibly be lying around the corner. The way Amanda spun her lure was so unique and slightly freighting. And, with the way the story ended I'm dying to read Lullaby so I can find out what happens next!