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Unbreakable - Elizabeth Norris When I first read Unraveling, it instantly became one of my favorite books. I completely fell in love with the world and the concepts and the brilliant characters. Unbreakable absolutely in every way stood up to any expectations I had for the book. There were new factors I absolutely adored, parts where my heart completed ached, and overall yet another amazingly weaved, mind-blowing book from Elizabeth Norris.Find the full review at Shortie Says

Protecting What's His (Line of Duty, #1)

Protecting What's His (Line of Duty, #1) - Tessa Bailey Firstly, can we just talk about how hot that fella is on the cover? We only see half his face and I think he's one gorgeous male. Second, well hell, Tessa Bailey you have a gift. The opening of Protecting What's His instantly intrigues you and has you falling in love with the Peet sisters. The story itself constantly keeps your attention and loving every single sexy bit of it. Protecting What's His has instantly become one of my favorite Brazen books.Find the full review at Shortie Says

Private Practice

Private Practice - Samanthe Beck The thing with Brazen titles is I can always expect a strong MC, a sexy fella, and an amazing story line. Private Practice totally covers that and more. It's completely seductive with a strong female lead and a beyond sexy love interest and the story itself deals with hard work and difficult situations. Absolutely loved it!Find the full review at Shortie Says
Kiss of Fire (Imdalind #1) - Rebecca Ethington I just loved this book! In Kiss Of Fire, I immediately fell in love with Ryland and Joclyn, got completely sucked in the story and loved it till the end. The concept of this story is amazing. The twists thrilling. And, the romance so perfect and bittersweet.Full review at Shortie Says

Prophecy Girl (Angel Academy, #1)

Prophecy Girl (Angel Academy, #1) - Cecily White I just loved everything about Prophecy Girl. The story is really unique and I love how every turn there is something thrilling happening. Definitely never a dull moment with our lead character, Ami. Prophecy Girl is a book I instantly fell in love with. From the fast-paced, gripping story to the sweet and spicy main character, plus a beyond sexy love interest... there's nothing not to love.Find the full review at Shortie Says

Just for the Summer (Lake Bliss)

Just for the Summer (Lake Bliss) - Jenna Rutland Just For The Summer is one the books that make my heart soar through the clouds. It was a quick and fun read full of love. One of those book where you love all the characters and the story. And, I'm pretty sure it was my favorite Bliss ending yet.Read My Full Review at Shortie Says


Taken - Let me first start out by saying that this cover is one of my favorite YA covers, ever. I absolutely love the tree, the colors, the reflection, the boy, the fact that the girl is running away. It's so haunting yet gorgeous. With Taken, I admit, it took me a little bit to get into this one. Something just wasn't connecting for me in the beginning but as the story moves along it's thrilling and filled with surprises I wasn't expecting. And by the end, I was needing to know what would come next.Find my full review at Shortie Says

From Here to Eternity

From Here to Eternity - Paige Cuccaro From Here To Eternity was a very quick novella with a really interesting concept. I actually would have loved if Paige dove more into this topic and made this novella into a book because the idea of saving memories is so awesome. I loved this fast-paced and exciting sci-fi!Read the full review at Shortie Says

The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire

Dinner with a Vampire  - Abigail Gibbs With the mixed reviews I saw of The Dark Heroine, I wasn't really sure what to expect. Instead, I found myself immediately sucked into this dark story and world. The opening scene is frightening and the story as a whole is addicting and thrilling. I completely loved every little bit.Read My Full Review At Shortie Says

Speaking of Love: A Perfect Kisses Novel (Entangled Bliss)

Speaking of Love: A Perfect Kisses Novel (Entangled Bliss) - Ophelia London Speaking of Love is one of those stories immediately love and show you that sometimes what you're looking for is right in front of you. Plus how can you not love a completely endearing romance with a happily ever after?I love how there's much more than just sex for Rick and Mac. They each are fighting for something other than each other. Both of them have issues that they are working through. But, overall they both just need each other. Once we got to "weekend getaway", I just loved how the romance hit Rick and Mackenzie like a freight train. They're so comfortable with each other and they have perfect banner with one another. Plus, with the characters I love how Ophelia created "competition" but it was the type of competition that you could see from the beginning stood no chance, and I loved that, that there was no confusion in the love. Plus, Rick is pretty sexy.Overall, Entangled put out another Bliss beauty. Speaking Of Love is one of those stories where you will be rooting for the characters until the end. It's a story where there isn't much darkness, where it doesn't revolve around sex, but is your chick-flick love story where there are two people who are just meant to be together. Loved it!

Wait for You (Wait for You, #1)

Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn Jennifer has this uncanny ability to do a many things with her stories. One: being able to write brilliantly funny and amazing characters. Next, letting me fall in love with each and every chapter she writes. Create the most perfect and sexy boys on the planet (seriously!). And finally, keep me completely engrossed in the story from beginning to end. It's pure perfection. With Wait For You, she gives you all of that and then some. I cannot even begin to explain how much I adored this perfectly crafted contemporary.Find the full review at Shortie Says

Things I Can't Forget

Things I Can't Forget - Miranda Kenneally 4.5 - review to come!

Game for Marriage: Game for It (Entangled: Brazen)

Game for Marriage - Karen Erickson Everyone knows that I'm absolutely in love with the Brazen line. I have to admit though, I think Game For Marriage may be one of my favorites so far. This book is the perfect mix of sex, sports, and playfulness. I couldn't have been happier with this story. It's one where you fall in love with the characters as they fall in love themselves. I just couldn't get enough of Sheridan or Jared. And Jared is one hunk of sexy football player too... Let me just tell you! UNF!Full review at Shortie Says

Open Heart

Open Heart - Emlyn Chand Open Heart starts us right where we left off in Farsighted except now we're looking through Simmi's eyes. This book definitely amps up the personal emotions and deals with topics many people struggle with. It's a page turner with lots of deep internal struggles. Plus, the cover is gorgeous.I really ached for Alex in this one. I loved him and how he overcame his blindness in book one. Through out Open Heart I just felt as if Alex kept getting one disappointment after another. Yet he has such a good heart and is loyal, I really like him as a character. Then there's Simmi, another character who I really enjoyed in Farsighted but in Open Heart I'm going to be honest I started to not like her. I totally felt for her while she dealt with personal problems because I've been there and felt that way, but towards the end the way she handled certain things I was really disappointed in her. I just wish she would have made some different decisions.However, I must say Shapri really grows on me the more we see her. In book one I liked her, but in Open Heart I love her. I feel like she's finally becoming comfortable with her powers and she's so easy going. Yet at the same time she's bubbly and her heart and head are always in the right place. With that, another character I liked was Dax. I was definitely nervous of the role he'd play but he definitely grew on me. I love his dark hair, pale skin, and green eyes and I also liked how he handled things with Simmi. He admitted his mistakes and handled the relation the correct way and I commend him for that.Overall Farsighted was definitely enjoyable. We get school drama, personal problems, romance, heartache and all while still in the world of psychics. I give Emlyn props for writing some hard emotional scenes where Simmi's eating disorder is concerned and thought those were done really well. There were still a few things though I wish we're handled differently, but over all I liked Farsighted and would definitely still read the next book.

Override (Glitch - Trilogy)

Override - Heather Anastasiu The second book in the Glitch series blew me away. You start finding yourself right back in the world you loved and feared for and then by the end you're begging for the third book. Everything is at risk in Override... family, love,glitchers, friends, and even yourself. Find The Full Review Here!

Recipe for Satisfaction (Madewood Brothers, #1)

Recipe for Satisfaction (Madewood Brothers, #1) - Gina Gordon Recipe For Satisfaction had me in its grips as soon as I heard Jack Vaughn, tattoos, and a tongue ring. Yes ladies (and gents!) a sexy tongue ring! Oh no, but that's not all... our lead boy cooks too! I absolutely love a book that pulls me right in from the beginning with a lead character who's strong but looking for something, a sexy dream man, and yet a background story that perfectly weaves them together. Recipe For Satisfaction definitely fulfills all of those.Read my full review at Shortie Says